Design Curtain Wall System

Glass and aluminum curtain walls are found in city centers on various new buildings and it is quite popular as a cladding and exterior wall on all sorts of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings. The curtain wall system is designed to withstand wind and earthquake loads, to reduce air leakage, control vapor diffusion, avoid rain penetration, prevent surface and cavity condensation and limit excessive heat loss (or heat gain). It is furthermore designed to resist noise and fire. 

Suggest Glazing Solution

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Provide Best Support System

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 Manage And Execute Installation

Our management team at CHB consists of committed people who believe in hard work and dedication in order to provide and deliver excellent customer satisfaction. Here at CHB we take in each project with a high priority level in handing out top quality work throughout the process, which include our introductory meetings, technical presentations, on time deliveries and satisfactory installations.